Knu-Vise line of toggle clamps since 1946 is the original line manufactured by the Lapeer Manufacturing Company.

Producing the toughest clamps requires a manufacturing process which utilizes the newest and most advance materials, components, and technologies. Accordingly, Our clamps employ only the highest-quality metals in their production. Moreover, all of our clamps are composed entirely of the strongest American-made materials. And to ensure that our tough clamps have a long life, we heat treat all wear components of each clamp manufactured.

Perhaps the surest sign that our clamps are the toughest around can be found in how we rate their work holding force. When determining a clamp's holding force, most companies measure this with the spindle at the inside, or in the center, of the clamping arm . However, that's the point at which a clamp's holding force is the strongest... clamps rated in this manner usually operate with much less holding force with the spindle down near the end of the bar.

In contrast, Lapeer Manufacturing is committed to producing the toughest clamps around. As a result, we test the holding force of our clamps with the spindle at the end of the clamping arm where work holding force is at a minimum. That means, unlike our competitors, all Knu-Vise clamps perform with the holding force they are rated for, or better, regardless of where the spindle is located on the clamping arm.